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Making Toffee

Q: What is the shelf life of your product?

Our almond toffee has a shelf life of two to three months unopened and stored at room temperature. We do recommend however for greatest taste and texture that you enjoy the toffee immediately or store in refrigerator or freezer. Certainly, once opened, your toffee has about one week for maximum freshness unrefrigerated. Again, refrigeration will add three to six months of shelf life and freezing up to a year or more. We recommend enjoying the chocolate barks immediately as well. Refrigeration is necessary to ensure the nuts remain at peak freshness, but will taste fine for up to three or four weeks unrefrigerated.


Q: Where can I find Nashville Toffee Company products?

Click here to search for a store near you that carries Nashville Toffee Company all natural handmade almond toffee. Please be advised that most of our retail partners only carry the almond toffee in the half pound box or small pack size while a select few carry the one pound box size. It is highly recommended that you call before visiting to check for stock.


Q: Can I ship internationally?

We ship to anywhere in the US and Canada. We are not otherwise able to ship internationally at this time. Shipping to Canada via FedEx International Ground requires a minimum charge of $45. Please also be advised that we cannot guarantee any packages that we ship internationally, for example if a package gets stuck in customs or melts in transit. Please call us at 888-646-1775 for a shipping quote or to place an order for carriage to Canada.


Q: Why was my shipping upgraded to 2nd Day or Overnight Express?

If your order is shipping to a warm location, we may automatically upgrade your shipment to 2 Day or Overnight Express and ship in a cold pack with cooling materials to ensure that your product arrives in the same shape it leaves our facility. This is done to protect your product from Mother Nature’s chocolate melting influence.


Q: Where is my order/How do I track a package?

When you place your order on our website or by phone, if you provide a valid email address, you will receive an email containing tracking information. Most orders placed by 1:00 PM CST will ship same day weather permitting. We will hold packages for orders received during the warmer seasons if received middle to late week, i.e. Wednesday through Friday, for shipment on Monday. This is to ensure that your product does not sit idly in a warm terminal ; thus, protecting your sweet investment!


Q: Why are your products so expensive?

We at Nashville Toffee Company subscribe to the popular notion that “you get what you pay for.” Our products carry a higher than average expense due to the fact that we choose to use only the finest chocolates, purest butter, highest grade of sea salt, and premium select roasted almonds and cashews in our artisan handmade candies. We produce our gourmet specialty candies in small batches, hand weigh, hand pack and hand wrap so your experience is second to none…..that’s why we say just like grandma used to make.